Lion Park, Johannesburg, South Africa

In July 2015, I got a chance to visit Lion Park in Johannesburg, South Africa. For Europeans, or at least for me, it was an incredible experience seeing wild animals so close.

In Lion Park you can go on either a self-drive tour or guided tour. Accompanied by my local friend, we decided to go on a guided tour in top of truck. We got a chance to go close to over 80 lions who live in the park, including rare white lion family. Especially process of feeding lions was an intensive experience.

Besides watching lions, you can enjoy also playing with lion cubs (if available). I was lucky enough to meet four cute cubs in their area and had a chance to touch them. It was intensive experience to cuddle such a big kitten. Although they look cute, if they do not like you can feel it. Unfortunately one of “my” cubs didn’t like me and my coat was slightly damaged due this fact 🙂

As a bonus we experienced feeding giraffes and ostriches. Especially giraffes were extremely funny animals as they were licking everything and dropping saliva everywhere around.

Overall it was amazing time and unique experience down there and I am really happy that I got this great opportunity to see at least tiny bit of South Africa. Enjoy a few moments with me via pictures below.


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