Little Mermaid Inspired Halloween Look

Halloween is coming and it is the perfect time for a bit crazy makeup look. In today’s post, I was inspired by Little Mermaid and I have created this cute turquoise makeup look for you. To re-create the look, you do not need any special tools just regular makeup products. You can also use different color schema and change the look to your taste. Just be inspired and have a fun!

How to re-create the look?

At the first, create turquoise eye look. I have used three blue colored eyeshadows from Sleek The Original palette. It does not have to be precise, just create a simple smokey look and blend color edges. We will work with eyes later again.

Sleek The Original Palette
Makeup Revolution Highlighter
Maybelline Color Tattoo in Turquoise Forever and Mauve Crush

Now let start with the face. At the first, apply violet highlighter from Makeup Revolution palette all over your forehead and cheeks. Then use two blue colors to contour your face. I have used Color Tattoos by Maybelline in shade 20 Turquoise Forever and 87 Mauve Crush. Apply darker shade as a contour and then use lighter one to blend it. I have also used the same color to match my lips with the look.

To finalize the eye look, apply turquoise glitter eyeliner all over the lid, lower lash line and also on your eyebrows. Then add plenty of mascara and/or apply false eyelashes. As a final touch, you can stick few crystals on your face (using eyelash glue). Do not forget to blend a bit of color also to your ears, neck and decolletage to make the look put together.

Glitter Eyeliner Glam Crystals by Collection

Add few accessories and we are done, Little Mermaid inspired look is finished.


If you like turquoise color scheme, check also my other look ft. this color MOTD – Summer Turquoise Smokey Look and MOTD – Summer Turquoise Eye Look.

I hope you like this tutorial. If you re-create the look, do not forget to share pictures with me!

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Have a fun and be inspired!

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