Last Minute NYE Easy Makeup Look – Smokey and Glitter

New Year Eve is here and I am coming with the last post of this year. As most of us are going for parties and having a fun with friends, it is a perfect time to use some glitters in our makeup looks. Here is a quick and easy one, featuring black eyeshadows as a base and any glitter on the top. You can pair it with nude lips for a more settled look, or choose red lips for a dramatic party look. Any black eyeshadow and glitters will work for this look. Products that I have used are listed in the post below.

How to achieve it? It is super easy one!

  1. Use any brown (tan) eyeshadow in the crease to help to blend of other colours.
  2. Apply any black eyeshadow (matte or shimmer) all over the lid and blend it into the brown color in the crease.
  3. Apply glitters all over the lid, concentrating it in the center. If you have loose glitters, use a glitter glue or cream product as a base to help glitters stay in place all night.
  4. Finish the eye look with black eyeshadow on lower lash line, black eyeliner and plenty of mascara. If you want super party look, apply false eyelashes.

Note: I do recommend to start with eye look first and then finish the rest of your face. It will prevent ruining your face makeup by glitter fallouts all over it.


Then finish your face makeup as you are used to and choose whatever lip color you like. This eye look will be great with any lipstick of your choice. And you are ready for the last party of 2016!


 Final looks – click on images to see details.

Products used – click on the picture to see a description:

I hope you like this easy glitter glam look. If you want to see more party looks, check out my other posts MOTD – Dark Autumn Party LookMOTD – Autumn Green Smokey Eyes and MOTD – Summer Turquoise Smokey Look.

If you re -create the look, do not forget to share pictures with me.

Have a great New Year’s Eve party and see you all again in 2017.

Have a fun and be inspired! Cheers!

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