Super Easy Classic Smokey Eyes

In today’s post, I want to show you how to create simple smokey eye look which is perfect for any formal occasion like party, prom, wedding etc. For me, it is my go-to look if I have a formal event to go and I do not have other ideas for a perfect makeup look. You do not need many products and any special skills to re-create this look, it is super easy one. So let’s get started.

Super Easy Classic Smokey Eye

Steps to re-create the look:

  1. apply eye primer all over the lid and set it with cream matte eyeshadow or setting powder – I have used Too Faced Eyeshadow Insurance
  2. add a bit of light brown colour to the crease to define it
  3. use a black liner (pencil or gel) and apply a thick line along the lashline as a base – I have used black kohl pencil BAD gal by Benefit
  4. take a pencil brush (or cotton bud) and blend the line
  5. take black eyeshadow on a pencil brush and apply it over the line,  blending it slightly  upwards
  6. take dark brown colour and continue with blending of the black line
  7. repeat steps 5 and 6 if you want a deeper effect
  8. use the light brown shadow to blend dark colours with the crease colour
  9. apply black pencil under the eye and on the waterline and blend it with a mixture of black and dark brown eyeshadow
  10. apply a tiny bit of light sparkly eyeshadow or highlighter into the inner corner
  11. coat your lashes with plenty of mascara
  12. optional: apply false lashes to make the look more glam

Note: This look will be perfect with any lip colour of your choice – I decided to use classic nude lips with it using Essence Lip Liner in shade Lovely Frappuccino and Colourpop Ultra Glossy Lip in shade Bestie.

Super Easy Classic Smokey Eye – step by step

Note: All eyeshadows I used are from the Zoeva Nude Spectrum Eyeshadow Palette (international, CZ) – exact colour are marked in the picture below. If you do not have exactly the same products, you can use any similar colours to achieve the look.


For more detailed images of the final look, check out the gallery below. On these picture, I am wearing false eyelashes.

I hope you like the look. If you re-create it, do not forget to share pictures with me. Let me know in comments below what is your go-to glam look.

Have a great day and be inspired!


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  1. Linda says:

    Loved this post. You were so comprehensive! Amazing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Linda, thank you 🙂
      I am trying to give my readers as much information as possible to help them in recreating of look which they like. I am happy that it works!
      Have a great day, cheers!


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