Colourpop Lip Products – Swatches and Review – Part 2

I am back with another review and swatches of Colourpop lip products. If you want to see the first one about Lippie Stix and Ultra Glossy Lip, check my previous post Colourpop Lip Products – Swatches and Review – Part 1.

Let me know if you would be interested in lip swatches. I will be happy to make such a post for you.

In today’s post, I want to talk about liquid lipsticks in two different formulas – Ultra Satin Lip and Ultra Matte Lip.

Ultra Satin Lip

Ultra Satin Lips, as the name suggests, are liquid lipsticks with a satin finish.  They go on creamy and they are fairly hydrating not as drying as regular matte liquid lipsticks. Wearing time is very good, they do no budge when you are drinking or having snacks. After more oily food they usually start to fade and create that weird line around the lips. I chose three shades (see below) for my first purchase but they are almost the same on the lips and go on much darker than in the tube.

  • Calypso – described as mid-toned pink – but goes on darker and with a slightly peachy undertone.
  • Baracuda – described as warm deepened rose – it actually goes on very dark, almost as deep brown-rose colour.
  • Frick’n’Frack – described as rosy terracotta – it is true to this description but again goes on much darker.

If you are thinking about purchasing these shades, I think you can choose just one of them. Differences are not that big, especially Baracuda and Frick’n’Frack are on lips almost the same.

Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip – Calypso, Baracuda, Frick’n’Frack
Ultra Matte Lips

Ultra Matte Lips, as the name suggests, are matte liquid lipsticks from Colourpop lip product range. They have pretty drying formula and you can feel them on the lips. They dry really matte and staying power is very good. They survive even regular lunch without a necessity of touch-up. They fade during the day but not badly.  For my first purchase I went for following shades:

  • Viper – is described as a true dusty rose – however, it goes as violet-berry colour on my lips. It is very flattering and I think it fits all skin tones.
  • Time Square – is described as muted pink beige – however, it goes pretty beige on my lips. Perfect for a darker matte nude look with smokey eyes.
  • Perky – limited shade from Hello Kitty Collection – unfortunately, it is discontinued now. It is mauve shade with a peachy undertone.
Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip – Viper, Time Square, Perky

From these two formulas, I do prefer Ultra Matte Lips more. You need to use a good balm before applying them but then they stay on nicely and wear for a long time.

I hope you like this post. Let me know which formula of Colourpop lip products is your fave and which shade I should definitely try!

If you missed my last Colourpop lip product related post, check it out here Colourpop Lip Products – Swatches and Review – Part 1.

Thank you for coming! Have a great day!


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