Spring Mood and My Online Future

Spring is finally here so let’s take a minute to appreciate a bit of the spring mood. Although it gets a bit colder in the Czech Republic in these days, the spring is visible on every corner. Let me share some spring pictures with you and also some thoughts about the future.

Vlašim, The Czech Republic

Spring is a beginning of the new year.  And to me, it evokes a chance to begin something new in my life. Well, at least in my blogging life. In March, it was one year since I have started this blog. During this time, I have experienced many positive feedbacks and compliments, I have learnt new skills with my camera, lighting, photo editing tools and many others including writing skills. I have posted over 70 posts, reached over 100 subscribers and over 3600 views of my page. And last but not least, I have learnt a lot of things about myself. And I am very grateful for all of that!! All of these numbers motive me to start working harder on this page and maybe to start even more.

Vlašim, The Czech Republic


From the beginning of this blog, I knew that I wanted to write about things and topics which I like so I can fully enjoy the time which I am spending with the blog. I started with beauty and travel related topics but I had not enough discipline to post regularly. Moreover, as you may notice, I completely skipped few months of posting in the last year. From January 2017, I managed to post two posts almost every week regularly and all of them were related to beauty.

After about three months of this approach, I am evaluating it and thinking about future of my blog. Although makeup is my biggest hobby and biggest passion, I am still not perfectly happy with the content that I am posting. Something is simply missing here. Therefore I want to enrich my blog for other topics which I am interested in as well. I plan to come back with travel related posts and also lifestyle and fashion blog posts. I hope that you will like this new approach on my blog.

Vlašim, The Czech Republic

And moreover, I am thinking about trying something new in the online world. Soo … What do you think? Should I try to expand to Youtube and start my own channel? It might be a fun, or complete disaster. But I am somehow tempted to try it. I am interested in your opinions, so please vote in the poll below and comment in the comment section below the post. Any tips, suggestions and opinions are more than welcomed.

Jemniště, The Czech Republic

Obviously, no changes happen overnight but I am ready for them. I will work on improvements, new contents and also think about expanding to other social media.

Thank you for stopping here today! I hope you like this springy post which is a bit different my usual blog content. From this week on, I am coming back with beauty related post as you are used to and very soon with other content. And then we will see what time brings … 😉

Have an amazing day and be inspired!


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