Today, I am coming with a review of eyeshadows from the INGLOT Freedom System Palette. I finally managed to visit Inglot store in Centrum Chodov in Prague and as they had a sale, what a coincident HAHA, I bought my very first eyeshadows from their Freedom System.

INGLOT Freedom System is a collection of eyeshadows, brow powders and pomades, blushes, bronzers, and many other products that are sold separately as pans without plastic packaging. With these pans, you can purchase a lot of different magnetic palettes from INGLOT and create your perfect combination of shades. Of course, you can have them as singles at home or use other magnetic palettes to store them as well.

My intention was to purchase the palette which I will use during my travels. So I wanted something small and sturdy with a few shades which will perfectly work together and I will be able to create with them simple everyday look for work. At the end, I decided to go for 5 pans magnetic palette and my favourite neutral shades.

INGLOT Freedom System Palette
Shades: 355, 154, 337, 422, and 327

Single pans come in several different finishes – matte, pearl, shine, and sparkle.  As the palette is intended to be used for an everyday look for work, I skipped sparkly shades and went for a combination of matte and pearl eyeshadows.

  • Matte shades: 355, 337, and 327
  • Pearl shades: 154 and 422

In the Czech Republic, you can purchase INGLOT either online (official retailer is, or you can visit one of its shops (in Prague they are located in Shopping Center Chodov and Černý Most). It is also available from several other shops both online and in shopping centres.

The empty palette retails for 150 CZK and each eyeshadow pan retails for 170 CZK.  In one eyeshadow pan, you get 2.3g-3.0g of the product. So the entire palette is worth to 1000 CZK. However, INGLOT offers pretty often sale prices and you can save a good amount of money (on Freedom System, there is usually 30% off). Comparing to MAC eyeshadow refills in which you get only 1.3g of product for about 400 CZK, Inglot seems to be a really good deal.

Note: For prices in other countries, please refer to INGLOT International website or your local stores.

INGLOT Freedom System Palette
Swatches of Shades: 355, 154, 337, 422, and 327


  • great pigmentation
  • smooth and buttery consistency
  • easy to blend
  • the wide range of shades
  • customizable palettes
  • great value for money


  • not many stores where you can swatch the colours (makeup is difficult to shop online)
INGLOT Freedom System Palette – Easy Everyday Look

Final Resolution:

YES, go for it! All shades are beautiful quality, pigmented, creamy and easy to blend. If you are not happy with any pre-made palette on the market, this is definitely way how to create your own perfect one. Next time you walk along the INGLOT store, definitely stop there and give it a try.

I hope you like this review. Have you tried any of INGLOT products? What are your thoughts on them? Let me know in comments below.

Thanks for coming today. Have an amazing day and be inspired!


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  1. I need this now 💜

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    1. Definitely give it a try! Very good eyeshadows and pretty affordable too!
      Thanks for coming today! Cheers!

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