Sephora Formula X Nailpolish

I have heard so much about Sephora Formula X nail polishes that I had to try it immediately when I had a chance. I know that I am very late on this train and I am not sure whether they are not discontinued now because the entire range was on sale. However,  I decided to share my opinion on it anyway.

I bought mine in Canadian Sephora (haul is HERE) and I went for shade Thrilling which is a nude grey colour. Unfortunately, this formula of nail polishes is not sold in the Czech Republic.

DSC03252 (2)
Sephora Formula X nail polish in shade Thrilling

Nail colour goes on pretty well – in the first layer, it is semi-opaque and a bit streaky but in the second layer, it is fully opaque and no streaking. Its finish is creamy, not extremely shiny but not matte either.

This nail polish was very commented for its long-wearing formula, so I was very curious how long it stays on my nails. Unfortunately, no miracle happened. After two days, it started chipping and on the fourth day, I had to remove it. So it lasted about one day longer than any other average nail polish on me.

DSC03246 (2)
Sephora Formula X nail polish in shade Thrilling

So what do you I think? It is a good nail polish but no magic there. At least on my nails, it has average longevity and it starts chipping after 2 days as many other nail polishes. It is not that expensive as OPI or Essie, so if you like any shade then go for it. But do not expect any miracle and if you are not into any shade then you definitely do not need this one.

I hope you like the review. Let me know your experience with this nail polish formula. What is your favourite nail polish brand? Let me know in comments below.

Thank you for coming today.

Have an amazing day and be inspired!


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