L’oreal Pure Clay Masks – Review

Hi guys,

today I am here with a review of L’oreal PureClay Masks. I have the three original masks that launched last year. If I am not mistaken, there are more of them now available but not in the Czech Republic yet.

I am testing these masks for last four months and I think I can give you a solid opinion on them. All three mentioned masks are available in drugstores and in the Czech Republic, they retail for about 300 CZK (depending on the drugstore). In the UK, the price tag is around 8 GBP and in the USA, I have seen the prices around 13 USD.


L’oreal Pure Clay Masks


In one jar, you get 50ml of the product and it claims to last for 10 uses. I would agree with it. After those four months, I do experience that masks are drying out a bit although I do keep all lids from the original packing tightly closed. It is probably not a big deal if you have just one or two of them and use them regularly. However, if you have several masks opened or not using them that often just keep this in mind.

Pure Clay Glow Mask (the red one)

It claims to brighten and exfoliate the skin.


L’oreal Pure Clay Glow Mask


My notes to this mask:

  • it contains little grains which you can feel when applied – provides the exfoliating effect
  • creamy texture
  • does not dry to hard layer on the face
  • not irritating
  • the skin is much softer after usage
Pure Clay Detox Mask (the black one)

It claims to cleanse and clarify the skin.


L’oreal Pure Clay Detox Mask


My notes to this masks:

  • I think this one is often compared to Glam Glow original mask (but I cannot compare because I have never tried the Glam Glow one)
  • gelly texture
  • dries quickly – maybe too fast because it makes more difficult to apply a thin even layer
  • smells a bit chemically – maybe it is caused by charcoal
  • applies dark grey and dries green
  • yes, I would say that it really cleans the skin and makes my pores appear smaller
Pure Clay Purity Mask (the green one)

It claims to deeply purify and mattify the skin.


L’oreal Pure Clay Purity Mask


My notes to this mask:

  • a bit irritating when applied on the skin
  • the smell makes my eyes watery
  • does not dry too fast
  • frankly, I think that this one does nothing to my skin – neither bad nor good – just nothing
Final thoughts and recommendation

If you really want to try any of these masks then I would recommend the black one if you are looking for a cleansing mask or the red one if you are looking for the exfoliating effect. None of these is suitable for dry or sensitive skin in my opinion. I have the combination skin and the green one was very drying on me. Other two were ok but I can imagine that dry skin will be not happy with them.

Overall, I was very excited for new masks coming to drugstores and hoped for the best (especially after hearing the great references from other beauty bloggers). At the end of the day, I am pretty disappointed with these. I do not see any major results and for the price tag, I would rather go e.g. for Kiehl’s mask instead.

If you are looking for the good mask from the drugstore, at least in the Czech Republic, I can recommend masks from Freeman. Moreover, those you can buy also in small sachets to test which one suits you best before investing in a full-size package (which is cheaper than L’oreal’s anyway).

Sorry guys, this time no positive review from me. Have you tried any of these masks? Did you like them? Let me know in comment section below.

Thanks for coming today!

Have a nice day and be inspired!



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  1. Nidha says:

    I wanted to buy the green one glad I read this, I have the other two and love them. Check out my blog https://nidha-ahmed.com/

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    1. I am happy to help 🙂 Cheers 🙂


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