Traveling (En)

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Everyone has his big dream – for me, it is traveling around the world! It is the biggest hobby I have. It is a bit time consuming and a lot of money consuming but still the biggest passion for me. My mother says that she has no idea from who I got my passion for traveling and that I have been born with a passport in my hand.

I do not know whether my dream will come true or not but I will do my best to fulfill it. If you want to see my progress, follow me on this blog where I will share all my experience.

And what can you expect from this blog?

  1. My travel diaries and a lot of pictures – where I have been, what I have seen, what I did like and what I would rather skip for next time – everything based on my own experience.
  2. Tips for traveling – “How to survive”, what to pack, what rather leave at home, etc. – simply what I have learned during my travels and you might find useful – sometimes serious, sometimes more fun.
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